Starting A Free Trial

Getting started with your cloud security and compliance program? New installations of Dash ComplyOps with a include a 7-day free trial.

You can start your 7-day free trial by subscribing to Dash ComplyOps on the AWS Marketplace and following the instructions for Installing Dash ComplyOps.

New Installation

  • Dash is installed as a CloudFormation template into your Master AWS Account.

  • Organizations installing Dash ComplyOps for the first time or into a new AWS account can follow these instructions for Installing Dash ComplyOps.

Updating Dash to v2.9.4

How To Use Dash

Just getting started with Dash ComplyOps? Not sure how to work with your security program? Check out our introduction and Getting Started section.

Also consider the following topics:

  • Learn more about building administrative compliance policies in the Dash Policy Center.

  • Learn more about continuous compliance monitoring and the Dash Compliance Center.