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Introduction To Dash

Starting A Free Trial

Getting started with your cloud security and compliance program? New accounts for Dash ComplyOps include a 7-day free trial.

You can start your 7-day free trial by using this link to sign up for Dash ComplyOps.

  • If your organization already has an account and you are looking to signup or access the application as a user - please have your administrator follow these instructions for inviting you as a user.

Updating Dash to v4.0.0

How To Use Dash

Just getting started with Dash ComplyOps? Not sure how to work with your security program? Check out our introduction and Getting Started section.

Also consider the following topics:

  • Learn more about building administrative compliance policies in the Dash Policy Center.

  • Learn more about continuous compliance monitoring and the Dash Compliance Center.

  • Learn more about managing security and compliance tasks and Dash Compliance Tasks.

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