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Getting Started With Dash

Dash ComplyOps makes it easy for your security team to rapidly build and maintain security and compliance programs. Teams can set administrative policies, connect these policies to compliance monitoring, and perform compliance tasks and issues across your organization’s cloud environments.

Dash provides security teams with the ability to meet industry established compliance standards including:

  • Develop realistic administrative safeguards and policies your team will actually follow

  • Manage security tasks related to compliance standards

  • Find and resolve security and compliance issues within your cloud infrastructure

  • Maintain compliance over time and build reports around your security program


Getting Started Checklist

Your team may consider the following configuration and steps for getting started in Dash ComplyOps:

(tick) Signup For Dash ComplyOps

To get started, your team should follow the steps in this page to Sign up for Dash ComplyOps. Dash is provided as a SaaS application. After connecting with the Dash team and signing up for the Dash application, you should receive an email containing a directions for accessing the application and creating your first user.

(tick) Invite new users

During the initial installation and application process, your team will create your first administrator user. Administrators can invite other team members to join as users of Dash. Add other key team members to Dash to collaborate on policies, resolve compliance issues, and view and create compliance reports.


Next Steps

After performing initial configuration it it time to start building your compliance program. Dash makes it easy for organizations to build administrative policies, set security and compliance tasks, and monitor and resolve compliance issues across your infrastructure.

Security teams should consider the following next steps for building and managing their security programs with Dash ComplyOps:

(info) Connect compliance monitoring

Dash continuous compliance monitoring provides teams with automated monitoring and detection of security issues across your cloud accounts and environments.

Connect compliance monitoring by creating a Scanset in the Compliance Center to enable continuous compliance monitoring of your environment.

(info) Start creating policies

Dash administrative polices create a framework for ensuring security and compliance standards across your organization and infrastructure.

Create policies by answering the initial policy questionnaire and setting administrative standards and delegating administrative responsibilities.


(info) Set compliance tasks

After creating administrative policies and standards, your team will want to ensure that all necessary administrative and security tasks are accounted for.

Create compliance tasks related to administrative standards and compliance activities to manage tasks, handle security documentation and evidence.


(info) Resolve compliance issues

Dash automatically monitors security and compliance standards across your cloud environment. It is recommended that your team answers all policy questions to get a better understanding of security responsibilities and set any additional compliance controls.

Once your team has created policies, your security team and DevOps staff may view Compliance Issues in the Compliance Center. Teams will want to triage compliance issues and resolve highest priority issues within their cloud environments first.


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